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At Bets Bonus, we are a team of betting enthusiasts who strive to bring our visitors independent betting reviews. Over the years we have gained a large amount of experience within sports, casino, poker & bingo betting sites.

We find the very best betting bonuses & welcome offers so you can be one step ahead when it comes to finding the best platform. Our independent advice makes it easier for you to compare legal betting websites & bonuses with our in depth guides.

Our Mission

We have invested a lot of time to ensure that our content is up to date & in depth. Our mission is to be the best resource online to enhance your online experience with gambling in the UK. We give honest reviews of each service provider to ensure you know the positives & negatives of each platform.

We set out to be fair with all our reviews & display all our partners in tabular form. This is to make it easier for our users to find the best rewards quickly.

Our team of writers work hard to experience each platform before writing a review. Whilst this gives a good evaluation of each betting platform, we encourage our users to get in touch. Please give us your input, which will help us improve our content even more.

How We Work

Bets Bonus is constantly looking for new betting platforms to help us find the best sites available at any given time. We update our website weekly to ensure that all our bonuses & content is up to date.

We ensure that all the links on our website are trustworthy & that all our websites that we promote are governed by the UK Gambling Association & have legitimate licences.

How We Make Money

Our service is & always will be free to use. To ensure that we have the most up to date content & that we are giving our users the same service, we needed a good team to keep on top of daily tasks. This obviously costs our company money & that’s why we get paid by affiliate marketing.

When you sign up to any of the offers that we have on our website, we gain a referral commission which helps pay to keep our website alive.

Thank you for using our site as it is you that is helping us to make such a great platform.

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