Exclusive £40 New Player Bonus

18+ Offer available to new UK players only. A minimum deposit of £/€/$10, into your partypoker.com account is required. The £40 ($56.50) Free Play will be credited daily from deposit date: Day 1 = 5 x $1 SPINS tickets, Day 2 = 5 x $1 SPINS tickets, Day 3 = 2 x $5 SPINS $1M tickets, Day 4 = 3 x $5.50 MTT tickets, Day 5 = 1 x $10.00 SPINS tickets, Day 6 = 2 x $5 SPINS $1M tickets.
18+, begambleaware.org, T&Cs Apply

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100% New Player Bonus Up To £400

We give you a 100% bonus up to £400 when you make your first deposit, and you can make up to three qualifying deposits in 60 days (up to a total of £400). Once you’ve made your deposit(s), you earn the full bonus by playing and collecting the number of redemption points equal to 18 times the bonus amount. The bonus is released in £7 increments.
18+, begambleaware.org, T&Cs Apply

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Poker Bonuses

Using various poker bonuses has always been one of the best ways of increasing the winnings. What’s interesting is that the bonuses can be stacked together. That essentially means that the more people play poker with bonuses, the more they earn. There are several types and variations of poker bonuses, so let’s examine them more closely, shall we?

What Is a Poker Bonus?

Most people see poker bonuses as incentives that casinos offer to the players to promote their games, services, etc. and make them play. That way, they can also make sure that the majority of players turn into loyal customers. These poker bonuses are usually different from the ones that we might encounter in a standard casino. One major difference is that poker bonuses release the cash all at once, unlike the standard bonuses.

People often wonder about the quality of these bonuses and which ones are better than the others. To inspect the quality of a bonus, the players can use the following points.

Bonus Expiration Date

It’s a known fact that the poker bonuses usually don’t last forever. In fact, their time is so limited that the players end up chasing them all around. For example, some bonuses might last only for a week while others last for an entire month. There are even those that last for several months.

If there is one thing to take into account, it’s that the players have to meet specific play requirements while the bonus lasts. That means that they’ll have to activate the bonus only if they’re ready to play constantly. Otherwise, they’ll just waste the bonus and fail to earn additional winnings.

Do Casino Bonuses Have Stages?

It’s not uncommon for a bonus to come in stages. However, that solely depends on the casino that offers the bonus. For example, some casinos tend to release their bonuses in stages because they find it easier to monitor their state. On the other hand, there are casinos that simply want to be done with it as soon as possible and release it all at once.

Poker Bonuses — The Three Main Categories

No-deposit Poker Bonus

This bonus allows the players to test out the casino and see how it works without having to spend a pound. However, they do need to sign up and register in order to get access to the games.

This type of bonus is extremely hard to find, especially in the UK. Still, that doesn’t mean that it’s completely unavailable, because the players can actually get it. Why are they so rare? Well, it’s worth noting that a no-deposit poker bonus can even let the players enter various tournaments. Additionally, it allows the players to cash different games completely free (provided that they have an account).

A no-deposit bonus is simply one of the fastest ways to experience a casino and inspect the way its games play out. More experienced players use these bonuses frequently to make comparisons when they’re changing their regular casino.

Most of the casinos that offer no-deposit bonuses will require that their players enter a specific tournament with their free cash. However, some casinos choose to stand out and allow the players to use that cash in order to play whatever game they want. Those casinos are what every casino player should be after.

Welcome Poker Bonus

A welcome poker bonus is another type that belongs to the group of available poker bonuses. The main purpose of this bonus is to match the player’s first deposit and possibly double it. Alternatively, it can double the entire play of the player.

When it comes to welcome bonuses, we can say that their number is quite satisfactory. Therefore, the players can choose which casinos they want to play in according to their bonuses. The best variation of a welcome bonus is the one that will guarantee a free entry to the tournaments. Additionally, the bonus may give back the money that the player used in order to make a deposit. Those welcome bonuses might be rare, but they’re not impossible to find.

The players should also consider the way they’re playing when choosing these welcome poker bonuses. What’s more, their ability to play the game will likely influence how well they’ll use the bonus. That’s why there are a lot of casino poker rooms that are targeting certain players. For example, they could either be targeting professionals or strictly beginners. It all depends on the preference of the casino and the players themselves.

Freeroll Poker Bonus

Poker freerolls allow the players to join the poker tournaments without having to spend their money. In other words, they’re technically free to enter. However, there’s a chance that some casinos will require that the players spend their poker points to enter. That way, the players have to pay a certain amount beforehand but don’t have to place huge bets later on.

There are numerous rewards, some of which include huge cash-outs and giveaways. There’s even a chance to win a trip to some exotic place. Alternatively, the players can win entry to larger tournaments where the prizes are even greater.

These tournaments have the ability to attract a large number of players all around the world. What’s more, it doesn’t matter whether they’re professional poker players or just beginners. Anyone can enter the tournament and try their luck.

People who are just starting to play online poker should enter these tournaments because they’re extremely beneficial. How so? First of all, players can improve their playing style and skills. Second of all, they get a chance to win some pretty phenomenal prizes by playing.

Other Types of Poker Bonuses

There are several additional types of poker bonuses besides the three main categories, five to be exact. Therefore, we have a match, reload, no-deposit, referral, and a rakeback poker bonus.

Match Bonuses

Match bonus is one of the most common types of poker bonuses. It revolves around the idea that the casino will match the amount of money that players deposit. For example, if we’re depositing £50 and with a 100% match, the casino will add an additional £50. The players can later use that money to place bets on various games, events, etc. In some cases, it’s even possible that the casino will add more money if they feel generous.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses aren’t favoured by the players as much as the match bonuses are. The main reason is that the casino returns smaller amounts of cash upon each deposit. However, they’re still pretty good. Besides, these poker bonuses are often used to reward the player’s loyalty.

No-Deposit Bonuses

As their name suggests, no-deposit bonuses allow the players to make a deposit without investing their money. For example, the casinos might reward their newcomers for signing up and creating an account on their website. They’re pretty useful because they allow the players to try out the casino and the way it operates.

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses are unique and interesting because they’re based on the player’s ability to introduce additional players. For example, the size of the bonus will vary according to the number of people that the player has referred to. In other words, it can either go up or down.

Rakeback Bonuses and Offers

A rakeback offer is essentially a means of ensuring that the player remains loyal to the casino once it’s activated. What does that actually mean? Well, it means that the casino can give a percentage of the total commission that the players earned through a rakeback.

It’s important to know that there’s an expiration date for these types of poker bonuses. Therefore, it’s imperative to use them while they’re still available.

All poker bonuses that we mentioned have some sort of a wagering requirement that the players have to meet. The requirements are different for each poker bonus, so it’s a good idea to read the terms and conditions to gather information.

How to Claim a Poker Bonus

Claiming a poker bonus is usually done either through signing up or by making a deposit. These poker bonuses usually increase as the players progress through the game. Therefore, that means that the players won’t get the bonus immediately. Instead, they’ll gradually build up the points necessary for the wagering requirement.

Another crucial step is checking the available points and how much is needed to get the bonus. In addition, the players have to take into account the time limit. It displays how much time they’ve got left (in days) to get the bonus.

There’s another interesting method of claiming poker bonuses that involves jumping from one bonus to another. It’s a tactic that most players use in order to build up several bankrolls at the same time. Some players consider this method to be extremely effective, while others tend to focus on one bonus at a time. However, one thing is certain — both methods work. People can even choose to use them simultaneously and see what the outcome is.