Roulette is a game of luck, and one of the most exciting ones at that. You take a chance before the wheel starts spinning and eagerly wait to see if your number comes up. Whether you play roulette in an actual casino or online, the adrenaline rush is a given with this game. The fact that you can win up to 36 times your original stake makes it all the more thrilling.

Additionally, unlike blackjack or poker, roulette is extremely beginner-friendly. Anyone can sit down at a table, pick their favourite number, and come up as a winner. While more advanced players can choose to use a number of strategies, you don’t have to know these in order to play. Moreover, the baseline of the game remains the same. When the ball lands on your number — you win, no matter what your level of experience is.

Beginners Guide to Online Roulette

Playing online roulette may seem intimidating when you’re a beginner. Moreover, the markings and endless combinations of bet types probably won’t make any sense to you at first. Online roulette can ease you into the game, and you can take all the time you need until you feel comfortable enough to place a bet. Let’s get right into the typical flow of a game, so you can learn how to play online roulette like a pro.

Select Your Bet

The wheel will only start spinning once you’ve placed your bet. You can see your current balance in the form of denomination chips at the bottom of your screen.

Place Your Bet

First, simply click on the designated button to place your bet anywhere on the table. Moreover, you can adjust the bet by clicking on your chips again. By adjusting the bet the game will add more chips to your overall bet. Also, you can make further bets by simply repeating your first bet.

Spin the Wheel

Once you’re satisfied with your bets, you can just click the “Spin” button to get the ball rolling. Most online roulette websites use a similar interface. Once you learn how to play online roulette on one website, you will know how to play it on most others.

The Roulette Wheel and Table

While roulette is a simple game at its core, you need to know how to play it to the best of your abilities. Once you have a firm grasp of different rules and techniques, you will be able to place your bets with confidence. Moreover, an online roulette wheel is the exact replica of the one that you can find in an actual casino.

The Wheel

A typical European roulette wheel has 36 numbered slots alternating in black and red colour. Additionally, it has a single green zero slot which makes for 37 pockets in total. The wheel is structured to evenly distribute the odd, even, low, and high numbers.

However, the number distribution is different in American wheels and we will talk more about that shortly.

The Layout of the Table

Each number has its corresponding space on the table, which is where you place your bets. Every bet that you put on this section will be an “inside” bet. However, “outside” bets are the areas under, or to the right of these numbered spaces. These bets usually have a lower risk involved, but also a lower payout.

Different Versions of Roulette — American vs European

The two most common versions of roulette tables are American and European. These two tables are not exactly the same and one will give you a higher probability of winning. The American wheels have an additional pocket, known as the double zero. In addition, the order of the numbers is slightly different from the European version.

However, their payouts are the same — a single number win offers a 35 to 1 payout on both versions. While you are free to play whichever table you’re more comfortable with —  one will give you much better odds of winning.

The American Wheel

The odds of you placing a winning bet on an American wheel are 1 in 38, as it has 38 pockets in total. While your payout will be still your original bet plus 35, you are more likely to go bust on this table. The double zero pockets lessen your chances of making a profit significantly and make it more likely for you to lose money. Additionally, it can be a bit more challenging to learn how to play online roulette on American tables.

The European Wheel

The odds of winning at a European table are 1 in 37, as it has 37 pockets. While the payout for winning bets is still 35 to 1, you’re more likely to place a winning bet on this table. You should also think about house edges before deciding which table you want to play on.

House Edges

House edges can be compared to bank transactions in the sense that you have to pay every time you make a transaction — or in this case, place a bet. When you play on a European table, you will pay half the price of the house edges you would pay on an American one. Thus, unless you have a system that predicts the winning number, the European tables are the safest bet.

Understanding the Bets

The decision-making process starts before the wheel starts spinning. To learn how to play online roulette, you will need to learn which bets will give you the best odds. There is a plethora of betting types to choose from, and you need to know how they work to ensure you win.

Single Bet

A single bet is made when you place your chips on any single number. For example, if you call number 7 and the ball lands there, the game will pay you 35 to 1. However, you lose everything if it lands on anything else. You can also play on zeros and choose to back them as you would any other number.

Split Bet

In a split bet, you can place your chips on any two individual numbers, as long as they are next to each other. What’s more, you can choose numbers that are connected both vertically and horizontally. This bet pays 17 to 1, and if either of the numbers you’ve chosen comes up — you win.

Street Bet

A street bet is when you place your chips on any horizontal sequence of 3 numbers. While this bet is similar to a single bet, it will increase your chances of winning and pay 11 to 1.

Double Street Bet

If you put your chips on any combination of six horizontal numbers, you will be placing a double street bet. Although it’s quite similar to a street bet, it will give you a better chance of winning. The downside is that it will only pay you 5 to 1.

Trio Bet

The trio bet works just like a street bet, except you have to add one or two zeros to your combination. This simple, yet effective way of betting is exceptional as there’s a high chance of winning. Namely, the trio bet will pay you 11 to 1.

Square Bet

Square bets entail betting on any combination of numbers located in a square shape on the table. Since you’re casting a wider net, there’s a bigger chance of winning, but it will only pay 8 to 1.

Top Line Bet

This bet entails the combination of one or two zeros, and numbers 1,2 and 3, and it pays 6:1. This bet is a highly effective way of playing and can bring great profits.

Low or High Bet

The low or high bet pays 1 to 1, and you can choose to put your chips on the lower half of the table (1–18), or the higher half (19–36). However, you can’t include a single or double zero in this bet. This is one of the more popular types of betting as your chances of winning are 50:50.

Red or Black Bet

When learning how to play online roulette, this is probably one of the first strategies you will try. In this bet, you can choose to place your chips on all black or red pockets for an even payout of 1 to 1. Even though zeros aren’t included in this type of betting, you will be able to maximise your chances of winning.

Odd or Even Bet

Zeros are not included in this bet either. However, if the ball ends on your pick, it will pay your 1 to 1. The odd or even bet is the perfect one to make if you’re just warming up, or want to play it safe.

Any Dozen

Any dozen bet pays 2 to 1, and while you can’t choose zeros, you can select the first, second, or third dozen numbers. For example, on a standard table with 37 pockets, you can bet on one of the following combinations:

  • 1–13
  • 14–25
  • 25–37

Column Bets

The column bets pay 2 to 1 and entail choosing the first, second or third column of numbers on the table. However, single and double zero pockets are not included.

The Bottom Line

Learning how to play online roulette may seem incredibly complicated at first, but it’s by far one of the most beginner-friendly gambling games out there. Moreover, it’s easy to calculate your chances of winning a game of roulette by counting the number of pockets on the wheel. If you understand the different types of bets and payouts perfectly — the odds will always be in your favour.

While you do have to play big to win big, it’s sometimes smarter to place smaller bets until you get a firm handle on the game. Once you learn how to play online roulette, it will give you a rush of adrenaline and a profit to match.