With so many online betting options, it’s difficult to choose a reliable platform that offers the most perks. In our Foxy Bingo review, you’ll learn about upsides and downsides of this company.

About Foxy Bingo

Let’s begin our Foxy Bingo review with some facts.

Foxy Bingo is a well-known name on the UK territory — this company managed to practically monopolise the games of chance market. It’s practically impossible not to remember this foxy brand, and we’re sure that a Foxy Bingo bonus had something to do with it.

Most importantly, Foxy Bingo is a safe platform. Two highly influential companies stand behind the Foxy Bingo website. If you’re a gambling enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of 888 UK Unlimited — this company controls the main operations of the website. The other Foxy Bingo operator is Cassava Enterprises — another respected name in the gambling community.

Furthermore, Foxy Bingo has two licenses that prove its legitimacy — one is from the UK Gambling Commission and another from the Government of Gibraltar.

Therefore, it’s certain that Foxy Bingo is indeed a secure platform operated by experienced professionals.

However, safety and professionalism are not the only two reasons why Foxy Bingo has a huge fan base — this company offers generous Foxy Bingo bonuses, various perks for loyal members, and numerous newbie privileges.

Foxy Bingo Homepage

Banking Made Simple

Whenever there’s a glitch in the payment process, the suspicion arises. Being cautious when visiting online gambling websites is a smart thing to do. With so many rogue companies out there, you need to be careful.

Foxy Bingo won’t give you a single reason to worry — your payments are in the hands of experienced professionals. Besides, the Foxy Bingo team offers several banking methods so you can choose the one you find the most convenient.

For starters, you can use e-wallets. Both PayPal and NETeller are available. Your choice of debit and credit cards shouldn’t be a problem — the Foxy Bingo website accepts most of them. In addition, you can also prepay your deposit; you can use both Paysafecard and Ukash for that purpose.


Banking is always an important part of our reviews — problems with money on gambling platforms are unacceptable as far as we’re concerned. For that reason, banking is at the top of our Foxy Bingo review; the Foxy team guarantees a glitch-free experience.

Special Offers & Promotions

Experienced players will agree that it’s getting challenging to find a gambling platform that stands out from the rest. Most of them contain similar lists of games and offers, and it’s getting difficult to tell them apart.

Foxy Bingo took certain precautions and made sure that it doesn’t blend in the sea of games of chance companies. Other than the Foxy mascot that’s quite difficult to forget, the Foxy Bingo team is constantly changing the contents of their website. You’ll be able to find special offers and new promotions at any time of the day.

The Foxy Bingo community is crazy about the Happy Hours. Four days of every week are dedicated to the Happy Hours offer — Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. During those two hours, you’ll be able to participate in different games free of charge. Winners will be able to claim real cash prizes they can withdraw.

Fridays are jackpot days on the Foxy Bingo website. All you need to do is make a pre-purchase and get your ticket before the event begins. The ticket price range is between 5p and 50p, and prizes can go up to £25K.

Foxy Bingo Rewards

Mind the Wagering Requirements

As we mentioned at the beginning of our Foxy Bingo review, newcomers enjoy various perks. However, you shouldn’t treat Foxy Bingo bonuses as actual cash.

Once you receive your Foxy Bingo bonus, you’ll be able to use it for the wagering purposes. Don’t be alarmed — your money won’t be stuck on the website permanently. You’ll be able to treat the Foxy Bingo bonus as your cash once you quadruple it.

You should also know that your withdrawal will be sent the same way your deposit came in. Considering that withdrawal will be impossible if you use prepaid banking methods, for example, you’ll be able to pick up your money using a cheque or a bank.

Depending on the sum and your preferred banking method, your cash will arrive within a week. In some cases, the process is significantly shorter — the minimum waiting period is four days.

Foxy Rewards Loyalty

The more time you spend on the Foxy Bingo website, the more it pays off. The following part of our Foxy Bingo review will be about loyalty points.

On the Foxy website, your loyalty is expressed in Bingo Points. You’ll earn Bingo Points with every purchase you make on the website. However, you’ll have to wait a little while in order to use them — £1 equals 10000 Bingo Points.

The fact is your Bingo Points will pile up automatically and faster than you know it. Once Bingo Points become pounds, you’ll actually have a deposit you can use to pay for jackpot tickets or to play other games.

Play with Foxy on TV & Radio

You don’t have to chain yourself to your smartphone or laptop to play Foxy Bingo games. Foxy Bingo is everywhere.

Interestingly enough, Foxy Bingo publishes its own magazine. Admirers of the brand don’t miss a single edition — every month you can enjoy a new magazine and be fully up to date with the novelties. Aside from news, you’ll also receive free prizes; you’ll be able to read interesting stories about users and catch up with the latest gossip.

As you probably know, Foxy Bingo hosts shows. You can follow the Foxy Bingo events on both television and radio. If you participate in various quizzes and numerous competitions, you may win valuable prizes but also Bingo Points.

Reliable Customer Support

All operations run smoothly on the Foxy Bingo website thanks to two companies that enjoy nothing but respect in the gambling world. The same goes for the Foxy Bingo customer support.

Customer support plays an important in the evaluation of a company. The Foxy Bingo team is available seven days a week. You can reach them at any time of day or night. Members of the Foxy Bingo community have nothing but praise for this company’s support.

Hundreds of Slot Games

In case that bingo and lottery games are not really your cup of tea, the Foxy Bingo website offers other options as well.

Blackjack, roulette, and slot games are also available. For instance, if you want to experience the real-live casino rush without leaving the comfort of your home, you can enter a live game.

On the other hand, if you prefer eye-candy games, the Foxy Bingo website contains hundreds of slots. Not to go into too much detail, but you should know that you have a wide selection of vibrantly designed, adrenaline-pumping, engaging slot games to choose from.

Foxy Bingo Slots

Play on the Go

It seems like that Foxy Bingo attacked all forms of media and made themselves omnipresent. Other than the TV and radio shows, the Foxy Bingo website and their magazine, you can also access this company’s games on your smartphone.

The Foxy Bingo team developed a user-friendly app for both Android and iOS users. However, it’s not necessary to download the app — their website is mobile-friendly so you can simply sign in and play.

Become a VIP Member

The Foxy Bingo team offers a special treatment to their VIP members. When you become a VIP user, you’ll gain access to a spectre of completely new perks.

For example, you’ll not only get a birthday card but a birthday bonus as well. VIP members are welcome to all Foxy Bingo events, and this company knows how to throw a party. Other than the invitations to their traditional Halloween events, as a VIP member, you’ll receive a monthly invitation for the Foxy Fabulous party.

It’s mostly fun and games for VIP members, but there are also other perks — special members get a personal account manager, for instance.

Foxy Bingo Elite VIP

Final Thoughts on the Foxy Bingo Review

Foxy Bingo is a nationally famous brand — it’s difficult to find a person on the UK territory who has never heard of it.

Foxy Bingo went through fifteen years without a single incident — this isn’t something that many companies who offer games of chance can say.

More importantly, Foxy Bingo didn’t allow themselves to become boring — this is an achievement considering how common it is to see them online, hosting a radio or a TV show, and even in papers. As a matter of fact, the Foxy Bingo team used their fifteen years of the industry related knowledge to spread and improve.

We feel free to conclude that Foxy Bingo is a trustworthy brand in the experienced hands of two serious companies. If you’re looking for a new way to entertain yourself, we sincerely recommend the Foxy Bingo platform.