If you’re a fan of bingo games, then you’ve most certainly heard of Gala Bingo! This company is one of the most popular creators of bingo games, with millions of members in the United Kingdom. So, we thought it was necessary to do a Gala Bingo review and present its features to all the bingo-lovers out there!

About Gala Bingo

With over twenty years of experience in the field, Gala Bingo is one of the oldest bingo companies in the United Kingdom. The company has over a hundred land-based clubs all over Britain.

Gala Bingo has over five million members that praise this company for its superb customer service. No matter if you’re new to the land of Gala Bingo or a loyal, long-term player, you can expect the best treatment.

Online presence

Gala Bingo clubs are very popular and well-known for their great customer service. But, on-site business isn’t the same as online. So, since they’ve started to build their online presence, customers around the country have wondered if the online service matches the land-based one.

When you visit their home page, you’ll notice that the whole website was done in the colours of their logo – blue and yellow. The site is very easy to navigate. All the necessary information is displayed in the slideshow in the central area of the page. You’ll easily be able to find their games, promotions, and Gala Bingo bonus offers.

Gala Bingo Homepage

What’s more, to those who are new to this service, Gala Bingo offers beginner guides. On the other hand, experienced players will enjoy the advanced options in order to make their games more interesting.

We noticed that Gala Bingo really takes time to make their website user-friendly. When you visit the page, you’ll find a Club Finder tool. This tool will help you choose the game that you want to play, as well as the price of the ticket you want to purchase. In addition, Gala Bingo will give you the insight into the number of players you’ll play the game with.

So, we’re starting off our Gala Bingo review on a very high note. Their site is easy to manage, and the options are displayed clearly.


The company invests in the improvement of both the services they offer and their website appearance. It switched from proprietary software to Virtue Fusion, which is operated by one of the most popular names in the industry — Playtech.

Virtue Fusion is a great choice when it comes to bingo sites since the top brands in the field choose this software. Therefore, users will get the best possible experience with Gala Bingo.

With the great change came a completely new design of the page. It’s never been easier for customers to visit and navigate the website, as well as get information about other options and Gala Bingo bonus rewards.

So, it’s obvious that the company cares about the experience of their players. The software that they use is of the highest quality, so you don’t have to worry about bugs or slow reloads.

Gala Bingo app

Besides accessing the company’s page from the browser, you also have the option to play games via your phone. The Gala Bingo app is available to both iOS and Android users. So, we need to dedicate a part of our Gala Bingo review to their app for mobile phones.

The company made sure that your Gala Bingo mobile experience is as good as the one you get when you access their website via browser. You can log in with the same username and password. Therefore, all your data and money will be saved and available to you.

We can conclude that there isn’t any difference between the company’s mobile app and the website. You’ll be able to make payments and use up Gala Bingo bonus rewards just as easily.


As soon as you sign up and spend 10 pounds on any game, the company rewards you with a free Gala Bingo bonus. It’s a great way to welcome a new player to their team.

In addition, you’ll also be able to get access to free bingo games for three days. These welcoming Gala Bingo bonus rewards will give you a chance to try out the games without the risk of losing your own money.

What’s more, the company will make your birthday more fun with Gala Bingo bonus for your special day. You’ll also get a percentage of your money back every week, which is an amazing perk.

So, the company offers a good Gala Bingo welcome bonus. They are also famous for their huge jackpots. What sets them apart from others is the fact that their customers get a share of the jackpot even if they don’t win anything. Therefore, you should participate in as many games as you can, and Gala Bingo will make sure that you’re satisfied whether you win or lose.


We’ll dedicate a special part of our Gala Bingo review to the variety of games that they offer their customers. We need to mention that, regardless of how much the players pay for their games, they’ll all be able to enjoy different Gala Bingo bonus offers.


We can’t do a Gala Bingo review without examining their online bingo games. It’s no surprise that this gaming company is one of the best out there. When it comes to bingo, there are many different possibilities that Gala Bingo offers and their games are anything but dull.

There are about twelve different twists on the traditional 90-ball bingo game. Gala Bingo offers you a chance to also play with 75 or 80 balls. What’s more, there is a large number of unique bingo games such as Deal or No Deal for those who are bored with regular bingo.

Gala Bingo Games

What’s more, Gala Bingo made sure that they offer games and ticket prices for everyone that wants to play. Therefore, tickets and jackpots vary greatly, from small prices for those who just want to have some fun, to serious players with big investments and even bigger gains.

Other games

Those who aren’t fans of bingo, or want to mix things up every now and then, will be able to experience a wide range of other games. Gala Bingo ensured that their games are great not only for bingo players but also for those who want to try out something else.

Players can choose from many different kinds of games. From slots, scratch cards, to table and instant games, Gala Bingo has something for everyone.


Those who love slots will be more than pleased with the number of games that they can play. They’ll find anything from popular slots such as Pacific Paradise, Chasing Rainbows, Dynamite Digger, and Britain’s Got Talent to less common ones.

We know that the most interesting part of our Gala Bingo review are jackpots. So, we need to mention that a win can be as high as few hundreds of dollars per spin. That, of course, depends on the amount of money you’re willing to spend on a slot. Therefore, you’ll not only have a lot of fun with interesting games Gala Bingo offers, but you’ll also have a chance to win huge jackpots.

Board games

Anyone who loves board games won’t have to wait to meet with their friends in person in order to play. Gala Bingo gives its users the opportunity to play Monopoly Plus. Monopoly is one of the most popular games, so it’s great that you can play it online. What’s more, the jackpots can be up to one and a half million pounds. So, by simply playing a board game online, you get to earn a life-changing reward.

Another thing we need to mention in our Gala Bingo review is the chat option. No matter which game or bingo room you choose, you have the option to chat with other players. Thus, Gala Bingo offers you a fun experience while also giving you the possibility to make some new friends.

Customer Support

We already mentioned that this gaming site has a chat option in every game room. These chats are controlled by Gala Bingo moderators that are very efficient. You’ll be able to get quick and helpful answers from friendly staff anytime you experience an issue with the chat or your game.

Besides contacting Gala Bingo via chat, you can get help in a FAQ section that is placed at every query. You also have many other contacting methods that you can find on the website. Therefore, you are able to contact Gala Bingo in case you have some problems with the game or some unresolved questions.

Payment options

Gala Bingo has almost every payment option you can think of. Therefore, you won’t have to open new accounts on money transferring sites or get a new credit card.

When it comes to money transferring intermediaries, you can use your Moneybookers or QuickPay account. What’s more, you can directly transfer the funds from the bank.

You can also use credit cards such as Mastercard or Visa. In addition, you can pay for your games via debit cards such as Delta, Switch, and Solo. You are also able to use some Electron debit cards. But, not every card will work, so you should check with the bank if your Electron is compatible with Gala Bingo.

All in all, this company has made sure that their customers don’t have problems with paying for their games. Thus, you will be able to transfer funds to Gala Bingo, no matter which type of payment you prefer.

Final thoughts on Gala Bingo review

We can conclude that Gala Bingo makes sure that every bingo-lover has the best possible experience with the service. Besides a great number of different bingo games, you’ll find a wide variety of slots, scratch cards, table, and instant games.

In addition, you’ll enjoy Gala Bingo bonus offers and huge, life-changing jackpots. You’ll also be able to get a part of the jackpot even if you don’t win.

What’s more, their great customer service and various payment options are what sets this company apart from others. Therefore, we highly recommend that you try out Gala Bingo. We’re sure that you won’t be disappointed.